21 questions post 2011 World Championships in Daegu
  1. Would the 4x100m  record have been even lower if Asafa ran?
  2. How will the $100,000 for breaking the record be split?
  3. Who is a true legend?
  4. Is Usain a legend?
  5. Is VCB a legend?
  6. What would the men’s 100m podium look like if Bolt and Asafa were in the final?
  7. Wonder…what was Tyson Gay doing during the 100m final? Did he watch it?
  8. How did he (Gay) really feel about Bolt’s false start?
  9. Should the false start rule really be changed?
  10. Is this the end for Brigitte Foster-Hylton?
  11. What’s next for Aleen Bailey?
  12. What should we really expect come London 2012?
  13. Will there be a problem with food at the Olympics?
  14. Should Oral Tracey accompany the team to the Olympics for comic relief?
  15. Were you happy with the journalism (local) out of Daegu?
  16. How did you rate the panelists on the local TV stations? Or was it only one TV station?
  17. Will Asafa be ready to deliver in 2012?
  18. Have you heard anything from Stephen Francis lately?
  19. What goodies does the government have in store for the athletes when they return?
  20. Who will win the title of Sportsman and Sportswoman  this year?
  21. Is Yohan Blake as bankable as Usain Bolt?

BONUS: Should Usain run the 400m after 2012 and make space for upcoming Jamaican sprinters to shine in the 100m?