To the strong men of Jamaica—-Muuuuuuuuuuwah!!!!!

Why I love my Jamaican man
his strength carry me through
his voice sings island lullaby
love songs to me even when he
is far away and I am blue
his smile brighten my world
when my tears falls, in his
silence he comforts me
Why I love my Jamaican man
he sees my fears and reminds
me “I Am with you always”
he loves me even when I turn
my back on him
in the distant I can feel
his presence
Why I love my Jamaican man
because when others dis-own
dis-respect, shame, scold me
when I am low, in my confusion
he is always there to catch me
reminding me of who I am—Jah Child
like a wind sweeping me off my feet
that’s why I love my Jamaican man.

Empress M. Spirit