3rd Annual Poetry Concert and Fundraiser–Florida International University’s Students for the Poor Club and African and African Diaspora Studies Program

Event: 3rd Annual Poetry Concert and  Fundraiser–Florida International University’s Students for the Poor Club  and African and African Diaspora Studies Program

When: Friday, March 4th, 6-10 pm

Where: Mary Ann Wolfe Theater, Biscayne Bay Campus (across from Bookstore) 3000 NE 151 st. North Miami, FL 33181

Suggested Donation: $5 (includes dinner ticket) ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO FOOD FOR THE POOR.

Speakers: Angel Aloma (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Food for the Poor), Jean Rahier (DIRECTOR, AADS), Heather Russell (ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, ENGLISH)

Poets/Performers: Empress Addi and The Ra-Ra Rock Band, The Jamaica Folk Revue,  Malachi Smith,  Haiti Bluez, Garfield Ellis, Geoffrey Philp, Andrea Shaw, Donna Aza Weir-Soley and more!

Contact person: Dr. Donna Weir-Soley, Associate Professor of English and SFTP advisor ([email protected])

It is that time again–a night of amazing poetry, good food, and shameless begging—to raise funds for a most worthy cause!!  On March 4th,  FIU Students for the Poor and African and African Diaspora Studies program will join forces to raise funds for sustainable development projects (such as Talapia Ponds) in some of the most impoverished communities in Haiti.  As in past years, all proceeds from the night will go to our favorite charity,  Food for the Poor. 

Bring a friend or two!  Come out and enjoy the great poetry and delicious food (catered by Irie Isle). Hear about the latest developments in Haiti.  Show the students that their hard work (bake sales, planning this event) has not been in vain.  Our students are learning how to give back to their communities, how to extend their educational experience outside of the classroom and, most significantly, how to be agents of change in our global community.  A significant  number of FIU students are Haitian-American, but few have been able to manage balancing school, work, family and social activism–UNTIL NOW!!! Students for the Poor has given students (who are often non-engaged politically) a real opportunity to be involved in something outside of their very full lives.  You can see and feel the pride and sense of accomplishment emanating from them when we actually make a difference with our fund-raising efforts. However, when they do not succeed, the disappointment is just as palpable.  Your support and encouragement can make such a difference to our students and especially to the communities in Haiti that stand to benefit from this night’s effort!  PLEASE COME OUT AND SUPPORT THIS MOST WORTHY CAUSE!!! 

Click here to Donate: No amount is too great or too small.