GEOTAGGING: Parents, Maties and Joe-Grine Beware

Now, before anybody come tell me say me boring because everybody know say Geotagging yu pictures pon yu smart phone a go tell di whole world which part yu tek dem, unnu dis hear me out.

Yu know di media love frighten people sometimes but a real ting dis. If yu nuh tun off di GPS pon yu picture dem one technology deh bout weh will mek dem find down to yu bedroom. Why? den a nuh deso yu a tek tek up di heap a picture dem mah?

A one ting fi twitter know say me near gimme me bit when me a post, is a next ting fi a man know me street address wid one right click.

Obviously we need fi wary, and wus di parents dem who fa pickney have smart phone and a mobile upload dem first day a school.

But di silent P in Psychology in dis situation is really di matie and joe grine dem. Especially di matie dem weh love live pon di edge and tek picture inna people bathroom caw dem a man-tek-skydive. Wait til wifey track yu dung, you and di man and di hot oil.

Nuh say me never warn yu!


PS when me a post dis me see wordpress a ask me fi turn on location tagging…me granny!


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