I Once wish to be

I once wish my hair was longer,
thicker, curlier—like you.

I once wish I was thicker, slimmer,
fuller, curvaceous—–like you.

I once wish my shade of color should
be much darker, maybe clearer,
lighter—like you.
As I felt you make me believe than
I was not enough.

I once wish that I could love so
much deeper, realer—–like you.

I once wish that every star I touch
would be much beautiful, brighter
and clearer like you
As I once wish to be.

I once wish I would be much
smarter, much wiser, much braver,
like the hero I see in you and not
in me then I realize I could not,
would not, even if I could not see
the hero in me—like you,
that I once wish to be,
through my journey I realize
I do not wish to change me, cause
I Am enough.
And so I now wish to love even more
of me.

Empress M. Spirit