5 Months Pregnant

Ok so I am now 5 months pregnant and its great to be this far despite the challenges. I have been having some health issue but I am taking it in stride with hopes that everything will eventually we ok. There were some scary, teary eyed moments but thank God my baby is still ok.

Apart from that I am happy and looking forward to delivery date. Things I am thinking about is my final hospital choice for delivery. Due to complications I have to think of which hospital can better handle my situation above all else. I am also thinking of baby names as I now know the sex of the baby and just generally getting things ready at home. I am also trying to rest as much as possible and am trying to stay as healthy as possible.

I am also focusing on getting my son ready for a new baby. He currently has everyone’s attention as an only child so it will be a change for him so I am doing my best to get him ready.

That’s it so far.