6th African Diaspora International Film Festival, August 24-26, 2012, DC – Presented by ArtMattan and TransAfrica

Friday, Aug. 24 – Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012

Goethe Institute, 812 Seventh Street, NW,  

Washington, DC

Since 1993, the African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) has been an event acclaimed in many cities of the world. New York, Jersey City, Chicago, Willemstad, Curacao, Washington D.C., Paris, France and Geneva, Switzerland have enjoyed the exciting brand that is The African Diaspora International Film Festival.

For the 6th time, ADIFF will be held in Washington DC from August 24 to August 26, 2012, this time at the Goethe Institute located at 812 Seventh Street, NW, a location with excellent state of the art facilities giving a perfect setting to showcasing the rich selection of films from the UK, Egypt, the USA, Jamaica, and Suriname that will be, for the most part, having their DC area premiere in the context of the festival.


US films Filling The Gap and Survivor, Living Above the Noise; the musical documentaries The Story of Lovers Rock and The First Rasta, and the two fictions Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story and One People all put forward a great range and depth of images and ideas that explore the human experience of people of color.



Friday, August 24


Reception at 6pm & Film at 7pm

Director: Menelik Shabbaz; 2011, 80min, UK


Lovers Rock, often dubbed ‘romantic reggae’ is a uniquely black British sound that developed in the late 70s and 80s against a backdrop of riots, racial tension and sound systems.   


Saturday, August 25 at 1pm

Director: Yousry Nasrallah; 2009; 135 min, EGYPT


A female talk show host in Cairo stirs up political controversy when she focuses her on-air discussions on the topic of women’s issues.  “Lively, swift, vibrantly colorful and for the most part wonderfully acted, the film is slyly aware of the daytime talk show as a vehicle for women’s concerns.”  – Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times.


Saturday, August 25 @ 3:30pm  


Saturday, August 25 at 5:45pm

Director: Helene Lee, 2011, 90 min, JAMAICA / FRANCE


For many, initial exposure to the self-reliant tenets of Rastafarianism came through the life and music of Bob Marley. Fewer know that Marley, whose nickname was “Tuff Gong,” the name of his record label to this day, assumed that moniker in tribute to the pioneer and thinker behind the movement itself, Leonard Percival “The Gong” Howell (1893-1981), the First Rasta!


Saturday, August 25 at 8pm

Director: Brook Bello, 2011, 81 min, USA


A visual testimony about life after sex-slavery and abuse. One woman’s secret and fear to share what happened to her and almost ruined her life. Actress Brook Bello shares her story of survival from rape and sex-slavery in the US and goes on an emotional, spiritual and physical journey that will take her from suicidal thoughts, pain and addiction to a life of healing.

Q&A with Brook Bello and International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute co-founder Ka Flewellen after the screening.



Sunday, August 26 at 1pm

Director: Helene Lee, 2011, 90 min, JAMAICA / FRANCE


Sunday, August 26 at 3pm

Director: TyroneYoung, 2010, 83 min, USA


A spectacular docu-drama in its portrayal of historical characters like Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth and other lesser known African-Americans who made inventive and inspired contributions in the 1840s, the period leading to the Civil War in American History. Excellent for K-12 education.



Sunday, August 26 at 5pm

Director: Pim de la Parra, 1976, 111 min, SURINAM / THE NETHERLANDS


Roy is a young black Surinamese studying in Amsterdam. When he learns that his mother is dying, he borrows money from his Dutch girlfriend to return home. There, he scandalizes everyone when he begins a relationship with Rubia, a Hindu. Will Roy stay with Rubia and remain in his newly independent homeland, or will he follow his family’s wishes and return to Holland?