The Skin

The Skin

Our skin helps us to do a lot of things.  Principal functions of the skin

Protects body from injury and bacterial invasion. Different degrees of temperature.

Sensory nerve endings. Responds to heat,cold, touch, pressure, pain.
Heat regulation. Healthy body 98.6 F .

Perspiration from the sweat glands is excreted from the skin.

Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous glands.  Excessive flow of oil from the oil glands can produce seborrhea.
Absorbtion. It is important to take care of the skin.

Diet  plays a big role in the health of your skin . The products you use can also play a role on how your skin looks.

A good, mild cleanser typically clean the skin very well.

Toner or astringent is designed to remove any traces of cleanser that has being left behind during the cleansing process. And to restore the normal ph of the skin.

Should be a daily routine whether or not you are oily. A moisturizer is designed to prevent dehydration from occurring in your skin.  Your skin can be extremely oily, but also suffer from lack of water   Helps to keep the skin younger looking longer.

Disorders of the skin
Some things can be helped , some things have to be referred to a doctor.

Common Disorders:
Comedones, or black heads
Normally the hair follicle is filled with excess oil from the sebaceous glands along with dead skin cells. It forms a blockage at the opening of the follicle. There are certain cleansers that you can use to unplug these pores.

Milia or white heads
Is as disorder of the sebaceous glands caused by the accumulation of dead , keratinized cells and sebaceous matter trapped beneath the skin. White heads looks like little grains of sands underneath the skin.

Bacteria in the skin that surfaces.  Can occur do to hormonal changes, overactive sebaceous glands, or because something internal is going on.

a chronic inflammatory  congestion of the cheeks and nose.  It is characterized by redness, dilation of the blood vessels, and formation of pustules and papules.  The cause is unknown. But often times certain things are known to aggravate it. Ie. Spicy foods, hot liquids, or alcohol.

is a skin condition caused by overactivity and excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands.  An oily or shiny condition of the nose, forehead, or scalp indicates the presence of seborrhea.