A Critical Time


My brother Bill and his wife Faye are visiting, and I’m busy playing golf with Bill and so on, so I’m giving my blog readers a rest but I had to take time to comment on the latest development in America’s presidential soap opera.

Of course I mean the FBI raid on lawyer Michael Cohen’s home and office.

This is no ordinary thing. To get permission for raiding a lawyer’s office, the FBI has to produce some really damning evidence up front. So you can imagine what dirt they hd to dig up to get the go-ahead when it’s the president’s lawyer (pictured).

It looks as if Trump is a cornered rat. Who know what he might do to create a diversion?

We could be plunged into war at any moment – perhaps a nuclear war.

Syria, for example, is a tempting target. Assad has committed one of the worst outrages of his nasty life, spewing poison gas on the civilian population of his country.

And Trump is reportedly raging mad at the FBI, at Attorney General Jeff Sessions, investigator Robert Mueller  and everybody else concerned in the Cohen raid.

He could fire the lot. That’s the kind of guy he is.

And what then?

Will Congress respond? And will the response provoke an uprising?

Trump has a solid base including racists, anti-abortionists and low-information knuckle draggers. They could take to the streets.

And who knows what other connections may lurk in the shadows? I heard a news anchor on TV last night refer to Cohen as Trump’s “consigliere.” If you have seen The Godfather, you know what kind of person has a “consigliere.”

These are dangerous times. Pray hard. Pray for America. Pray for the world. Pray for civilization.

As for me, I’m off to the golf course. Fore!

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