A Distorted Mirror

executive action


During my years as a journalist, I considered it my job to hold a mirror up to society. But that’s not what I see the media doing today. For example, the image of the Obama presidency that the public sees is shamefully distorted.

Scanning this morning’s headlines, you will learn about protests against police violence and Republican rants against the President, but I defy you to find information on the executive orders President Obama recently issued to make it easier to get a college education in America.

All I’ve come across on the web is a brief video of the President announcing the executive orders. No details are provided.

There’s a lot on the web today about Tea Party members of Congress threatening to shut down the government (again) and about the House voting to block the President’s executive order staying deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants.

You will read about Republican wrath over the “controversial” executive order on immigration. But apparently his critics have nothing to say about his “unilateral” action to help more kids go to college. And the media have no interest in that kind of story.

I think that’s a shame. So much of what the President does is unreported – or under reported. And he has done a lot.

With the Republicans in Congress committed to stalling any and all progress, the President has had to rely on executive action to get things done. Here’s an excerpt from a report on the White House web site:

Using his pen and his phone, the President has helped create new manufacturing jobs, expand apprenticeships and job training, make student loan payments more affordable, support equal pay and workplace flexibility, cut carbon pollution, and rally support across the country while raising the minimum wage for all workers on new federal contracts.

The web site links to a long list of executive orders the President has issued in his attempt to help America’s middle and working class families despite a relentless Republican blockade.

But it seems the public never gets this information. It’s no wonder President Obama’s approval rating is so low.

Click for the more on the President’s executive orders.

Click for the video.