A Jamaican Day in 2062: Day 2

August 2, 2062

The Second Day of Emancipendence!  It is amazing that so many Jamaicans have come home.  Every Cruise Ship Pier is full.  There are two superships with 50,000 each from UK  and Canada.  The Jamericans  take the airtaxi from Miami every morning.  Today there will be fireworks at the National Heroes Park and Parliament Complex which truly needs a sprucing up.  When the building was constructed in 2022, the solar-film windows and solar bricks in the walls were state of the art.  Likewise, the underground water cistern and the self-sustaining water management system that collected rain water and cleaned and reused wastewater.  But that was 40 years ago, and it is now obsolete.  The energy systems should have been upgraded to the nano-solar energy collectors with a quantum fuel cell storage system  since  the fifties– which we did at our Seniors Housing complex in 2055.  But government says they don’t have the funds!  I have never understood why successive leaders don’t understand the psychological importance of a solid and well maintained House or Parliament.  I can understand that they have to use the little budget to deal with security – but what they need to do is put some of these idle under 50 youth into the Food Security Brigade; and for those who are incurably violent, they need to simply do the selective anger management surgery.  I just don’t understand the Right to Feelings Movement who think it is OK to allow clinically violent people the right to be violent.  This is madness!  The Chinese have it right!  Order for the majority is more important the Individual rights of the minority – and see they have 2 Billion people to control.  We only have what?  4 million!   Thank God — we exported half a million to colonize the far reaches of Canada, Guyana and Suriname back in the 2020s.

Anyway onto more pleasant thoughts, Jamaica’s Medal Count at the Olympics is now 5 – we won in Swimming, and Beach Volley Ball again; and for the first time in Cycling, and we won the World Cup Quarter Finals in Nigeria.  I enjoyed the game- the stadium holographics is 200% better than the one we have here in the Seniors Complex where I live.  With most of us on pension, we can’t use all our $V Dollars on entertainment – so we subscribe to level three service, which is not so fast, so the holographs don’t look so solid.  We have to save enough $VDollars to pay for our healthcare such as our Body Scans.  Today the Nano-Medic has to come to repair the BodySystems Stabilizer which measures our vitals every day and adjusts to the nearest microgram the balance of nutrients in our individual DNA-specific supplements.  I still can’t believe that Jamaica’s best selling life-sustaining powder includes liquified red ants.  The Jamaica Biotech Institute discovered that red ants had a vital ingredient critical for managing hyper tension, and that formulation is a number one seller on the  global neutraceutical market.  Today, Jamaica employs 19,000 people on RedAnts production farms, since the breeding work cannot be done by robots.  We lickle but we tallawah fe true!



What if Jamaica were to construct a state of the art Renewable Energy Science Park?  What if  Jamaica were to institute youth service for all unemployed youth in Food Brigades?  Should we use biochemicals and other forms of brain surgery to ‘denature’ violent criminals?  What if Jamaica joined other parts of the world and turned to insects to increase protein content in food supplements?