A Jamaican Day in 2062: Day 4

August 4, 2062

Thank God its Friday!  Except this sentiment does not mean much in these days of shared jobs, four day work weeks, distributed netshare and timeshare offices, and a 24 hour–a-day awake world.  With only two days to go before the Jamaica Centenary Jubilee, the country is feverish with excitement.  The straightway to the beach will be crammed with people taking advantage of the relaxing of the beach-bathing days policy.   Many people make a fortune in $C dollars selling banked beach rights time during holidays like this. My SmartComm has been pinging with would be sales calls.  I don’t know how the Communications Police are going to put a stop to these infernal spammers.  If you can’t afford the quantum mesh anti-viral, anti-trojan, scrubbers, which I can’t living on a pension, you are at the mercy of these unscrupulous cybercons.  One scammer came in saying they had beach rights to trade for time equity rights.  Which everyone knows is next to impossible!

There are only six public beaches open in Jamaica.  No beach rights ever make it to the public trading net!  The rest of the beaches are either quarantined for restoration, privately held, or disappeared, as a result of the sand-stealers of the 20-teens and the massive erosions during the 2030s.   If we had not imported beach sand from Turks and Caicos Little Turk Island before it sank under water in the 2035 Great Flood, it would be worse – we would not even have the six we have.   Of course some people take the Cayman Causeway over to the beach on Grand Cayman, which only survived the 2035 floods because they had terra-formed parts of the island in 2030.  But all in all Jamaica is doing well compared to other countries that did not prepare!

The Jamaica Gaia Society formed on Heroes Day in 2012, after three years of learning,  teach-ins and listening sessions and recruitment  (they  modeled themselves off a Lodge) went public  with their  ‘Green is the Color of God’ Campaign in 2015.  The Campaign among other things, called for all Jamaican manufacturers to institute Cradle to Grave Eco-Management Policies; 50% renewable off the grid energy generation by 2030; and household level water sufficiency.  Gaiaists took over the leadership of key Jamaican Private Sector organizations and  local governments  which  instituted parish level  triple bottom line accounting.  As a result, Jamaica became one of the first countries in the world to be Green Globe Certified in 2030.  Today, Jamaican Waste Water Treatment technology is being used to treat waste water in over 50 countries!    And the World Water for All Society uses Jamaica’s Water Committees as a model for water democracy movements globally.   We lickle but we tallawah fe true!



What if Jamaica were to take seriousl9y the threat of climate change and begin to prepare!  What if the Jamaican private sector leaders were to make the greening of Jamaica a business imperative?  What if automation forced in being a policy of shared jobs as a means to reduce unemployment?  What if  Jamaicans became visible and vocal in the global right to water movement?