A Jamaican Jewel Hidden Until Now!

You come home and notice an envelope with your name embossed in brilliant gold. It is not a bill so what a relief. It must be something special, so decide to savior it as getting a cup of your favorite tea and sit in your favorite chair. As you sit down, your eyes focus on the sender. It’s from the Gates Foundation! Your thumping heart is racing with visionary caffeine.

Your finger starts to run excitedly across every line of the letter as you do not want to miss the meaning of a single word. The foundation is looking for entries to decide a place in Jamaica to make a $100M investment. The entire award will go to a single parish. You have 48 hours to write a 1000 word essay to make your case.

Ok, I am just exercising a blogger’s imagination in challenging economic times. However, if this wish should become a reality, there is no doubt that Portland would win as I would quickly turn to the outstanding new book by Ken Roueche; Portland, the Other Jamaica: Tales of Dreamers, Schemers, and Crusaders.

Larger than Life Personalites from Portland

Like a great cultural Sherlock Holmes, Ken Roueche (website) has combined in-depth research with a charming writer’s flair to deliver a magnificent discovery of this magnificent parish. As the Eastern most parish, Portland has played role in world affairs. Portland has also cradle great personalities and given birth to enduring inventions.

I had the privilege discuss with Ken his fine work. Ken’s heart was first captured 35 years ago by his wife Hyacinth . Then Portland charmed her way into his heart.

The Parish has also been blessed with great leaders including Captain Quao, Ken Jones, Sir Harold Allan and many others. In recent years Portland has also attracted the attention of Hollywood stars, starting with Errol Flynn and followed by Queens, Princes, Princesses, Barons, Captains of Industry and more movie stars.

Click to listen to Ken’s insight on Portland

Looking for to discover a hidden gem in Jamaica? Portland, the Other Jamaica needs to be on your reading list!