A Jamaican Resturant Celebrates 30 Years !

 In these tough economic times, it is good to sense the pulse of how our Jamaican businesses are faring.

In ordinary economic times, only 2 of 10 start up business  last more than 1 year. The many business closing signs we see give us pause about future business successes.

However, there is something special with the immigrant entrepreneur.

The latest stats (US State department) tell us that:

  • Immigrant women are 57% more likely than the native born woman to start a business.

  • Immigrant men are 71% more likely than the native born man to start a business.



Usually, we come with a deeper sense of perseverance, coming from countries with limited social safety net, so, the swell of the indomitable human spirit takes hold of us, and drive our desire for success. We also see more clearly the opportunity of the USA. These motivating factors have led to a higher rate of success.


It is my privilege to introduce you to a superb Jamaican entrepreneur who is  celebrating 30 years of successful entrepreneurial activity.

I had the distinct privilege to interview Mr. Earl Chinn, president of Negril Eatery, a restaurant chain in the Washington DC metro region.  Earl will be the first of other business folks I hope to profile and use this blog as a learning tool. It is my hope that  those with great business aspirations, but may not have a mentor or a model to guide you will find these conversations helpful.


Mitchellville Maryland of Negril Eatery



Click to listen to the business gems from Mr. Earl Chinn.


After investing a few precious minutes listening to the interview, here is your is your chance to comment.


What are you doing to support the businesses in our Jamaican  community?


How can we better  nurture our Jamaican entrepreneurial spirit?