A letter to my sisters

Photo credit: Becca Tapert

“Must I hold your hands in your ungodly ways?”

I confess, Jesus is the only way.

Even when we somehow forget to pray

in our plans, to stay faithful, fellowship,

love, laugh, walk in a godly way,

when times are tough or good,

God loves us anyway

in our romance, success—we may stray!

Somehow sisterly love seems so far away

in your needs, “I wish to say!”

don’t let greed divide the heart

rise and shine—God is the way!”

I miss you, the ego want to say: at times,

you seems loving, unfriendly,

when I feel you are far away—you display.

In your disguise that seems not so nice,

even in the distant, I am reminded

We are a family & you are my sisters

“So I must continue to pray

that God allows me to fall more in love

with him so I can love you day by day!”

Empress Journee