A Moral Uprising


And so it begins…

Attorneys are offering to represent government workers who balk at Trump’s seizure and detention  of refugee children.

Employees at Amazon are protesting against the use of their technical expertise in implementing Trump’s abusive “zero tolerance” program.

Activists are raising millions to fight the program in court, and track the seized children.

Decent people across America are holding mass demonstrations, protesting on social media, writing and calling their political representatives…

America’s conscience is awake at last. We the people have had enough.

And we the people have the power to end this horror. All we have to do is refuse to aid and abet Trump’s villainy.

If nobody will drive the bus or staff the concentration camps or participate jn any way in this morally outrageous program, it cannot continue.

All we have to do is say no to Trump. And decent Americans are beginning to do just that.

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