A Poetic note to Yanni

Photo credit: Josh Appel

…………….carry my soul to paradise,

let me meet God,  like love butterflies,

I’ll will dance, dance, to your *November sky,

as long ‘delight’ dwells deep inside;

I surrender ‘lonely: splendor let me see!

Let your fingers soothe my aching soul,

with great melody

—erase the tension that rise up in me,

colorful music of greatness—my destiny

We may never meet, still I’ll pretend,

love notes and I have meet;

Beautiful, gentle—you  play, victorious melody,

I thank you for the gifts you’ve shared,

i wrote this letter not in a time of despair

This poetic note is my dream wish to thank

‘the Lord’ for choosing u to play for me

with rare melodies—now everyone

come on and lets us cheer—to the great


Empress Journee

*November sky’ is one of Yanni song