A Reminder That We Must Not Falter in Defense of the Defenseless

At the risk of being labeled a teary-eyed liberal, I am featuring in today’s blog a video sent to me by Margaret Marshall, producer and host of an online radio program called “Backyard Labrish” (Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on “Blogtalk Radio.”) The video depicts street artists around the world singing “Stand By Me,” and it is a powerful reminder of the urgent necessity to stand firm against the assaults of the agents of oppression and injustice.

The lyrics in the video are simple, just a few short words. But I found the presentation extremely moving. As America’s new President faces opponents who are full of guile, our loyalty and commitment to his program of change will be sorely tested. But we must not – we cannot – falter. Today’s grim unemployment and economic statistics are written in the tears of the downtrodden and abandoned.

As you probably have noticed, powerful forces have redoubled their propaganda and political efforts recently in a determined effort to discredit and sabotage President Obama’s program to undo the harm they caused. Frighteningly, it has become increasingly obvious that their strategy is to precipitate global economic ruin, regardless of the widespread misery this would cause, in hopes of rising to power on the wreckage left behind.

While President Obama sometimes makes decisions with which I do not agree, I know that he is a decent and intelligent man, and that his goals are worthy of our support. In good times and in bad, we must stand by him. The fate of the world depends on us. Please take a few minutes to watch this video. I promise that you will find it time well spent.