A shame and a disgrace

Remember when you were in school and you had that big test and you crammed and crammed and crammed and then the day of the test you rushed into the classroom full of short term answers that you couldn’t wait to get on paper, because you knew as soon as the test was over those answers were gone and as long as you passed you would be satisfied.  If that scenario sounds like Thursday night’s debate you would be correct because it is quite evident that after being sequestered for 4 days Sarah Palin came on stage “chock full” of short term answers that she could deliver with her smiles, winks and hockey colloquialisms without the slightest indication that she even understood the subjects, or could engage in any meaningful dialogue.


My God does John McCain have no shame, does he not realize that this is a technological age, that people from all over the globe tuned in to watch the “gosh golly darn, betcha” repartee of a woman so completely out of her element that she is a total embarrassment.  I have known several Ambassadors from small island states in the Caribbean who could run circles around this woman on many fronts including foreign policy and economics. Am I to understand that in this the richest country in the world, this is the best McCain could find to present to the rest of the world.  Does he not realize we’ve all seen this movie before.


I am grateful Joe Biden stood his ground and used the 90 minutes to educate the American people on McCain’s history in the senate, which it was evident Palin knew very little about.  I couldn’t, however,  help feeling a level of sympathy for Joe, in that after all his years of service to this country, he was asked to take part in this ridiculous charade.  Sad too that McCain will continue putting the country through this embarrassment, instead of admitting what we all know, that she is in fact his exit strategy and the only way he can lose this election while saving face.