A Shout out to all Jamaican Higglers & Dreamers

I have never watched American Idol or any of its derivatives as my TV viewing is limited to American football, news, and some documentary in that order.  I am however aware of the judges such as Simon.  However with the news rave about Susan Boyle, I viewed the Utube presentation of this fine lady.


For those who may not have heard about Susan, let me share a brief profile.  Here was a 47 year old, unemployed, lonely woman who had never been kissed.  She had made it on the British version of Idol to audition, and shared her dream of becoming a star.  Well, the snickering  from the audience was louder than a sonic boom.  You see, Susan did not look the part, fit the image of a successful person.  Her image was not the hollywood type, sauve, good-looking, intelligent, cool.  I can just hear some saying, “I know Beyonce, and she is no Beyonce”.


And then she sang.


Click to see her performance.


This video should let you cheer for all the Susans in our world.  Susan could be you!  Your detractors tell you you are not smart, or well educated to deserve success.

They try to tell you you do not have the right family pedigree, come from the wrong country, too fat, too thin, or failed too many times.


Well, just say get thee behind me satan, you will not kill my dream!

Flush the mental images of failures in the past, and move forward boldly into a new day!

May Susan Boyle’s story  give you dreamers new courage to move forward beyond the dull gray of the past.


There is a class of Jamaicans that I think we have given the Susan Boyle treatment, our higglers.  We sterotype them, and do not appreciate the enormous value that they bring.


Here are the characteristics of the higgler that I truly appreciate:

  • She has her PHD (She is passionate, hungry and driven)
  • She is a risk taker
  • She is fearless
  • She can negotiate many different circumstances from immigration officers, to wholesale agents, to customers
  • She knows how to create and communicate value
  • She puts in long hours
  • She would not be fired by Donald Trump


As we try to regain our economic footing, we will need to marshall all our innovative resources to create new wealth for our nation.

I hope and pray our past prejudices do not blind us to creating a friendly environment to encourage, develop and foster the spirit of enterprise so embedded in the DNA of our higglers.


What policies would best bolster and leverage the capabilites of our higglers?