Self Interest? Or Decency?


At a time when Senate Republicans are shamelessly trying to sneak through their toxic health care law, it is inconceivable that any decent human being would vote for such a party.

Surely, the Republican agenda is obvious to everyone by now? Surely, Americans have seen enough of the Trump presidency to be forewarned?

So who is still a Republican voter?

And why?

Who are these people that still side with Trump? What are they hoping to gain? What are they afraid of losing? Have they no decency, no concept of the common good?

Today’s special election to fill Tom Price’s former seat in Congress might provide some answers.

This is an affluent Atlanta suburb,and many of the voters might be rich enough to benefit from the new health care law, which takes nearly a trillion dollars from Medicaid to fund a lavish tax cut for the wealthiest Americans.

But,  even if they stand to gain from the new law – and the rest of the Republican agenda –  surely they  will not accept the thirty pieces of silver? Surely their consciences will balk at such egregious injustice?

What decent American would want to benefit from a law that leaves 23 million of their fellow-citizens without health care?

In any wholesome society, Democrat Jon Ossoff would easily defeat Republican Karen Handel (photos above) in today’s election. Yet, after the Democratic Party poured millions of dollars into the race in an attempt to match the  Republicans’ deep-pocket tactics, the result remains too close to predict.

Are  these Atlanta voters so cynical they will condone oppression, chicanery and corruption, however blatant, if they stand to gain financially?

Today’s election will  test their character – and provide an insight into the moral health of today’s America.

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