A Concert On The Green To Keep The Environment Clean, November 19, 2011, Miami

Miami is throwing an environmentally- and family-friendly, star-studded party that will turn even the staunchest environmentalist Green with envy.
The annual Bayside Rocks Music & Arts Festival on November 19th 2011 at downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park is happy to welcome Budweiser on board, with our “green conscious “ to decrease the environmental impact in Miami. Budweiser recognized our green initiatives that resonated with their environmental message that dates back to the late 1800’s with the founder Adolphus Busch, who began recycling leftover grain from the brewing process and selling it for cattle feed, a practice that continues today. They made a conscious decision and came on board in a big way to further push its “green” identity on the local & national level. This event will incorporate local businesses and organizations, forming positive relationships that will ultimately have a positive impact on the community and environment in conjunction with America Recycles Day. Together we will resonate this message: “Our goal is to connect our efforts to a collective responsibility we share with our family, friends, employees, consumers, wholesalers, retailers, law enforcement, elected officials, educators and other partners.  After all, these are our roads, our kids, our neighborhoods and this is our Earth; and it is our obligation to work together to help support our communities.”
Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks, CEO of ROCKAZ MVMT, the company producing the Festival, says that everyone has a responsibility to make our world a better and healthier place.  “It’s great to have fun,” said Brooks. “But it’s imperative that we do it in an environmentally responsible way.  That’s what my company and this festival are all about.” In keeping with the green theme of the Bayside Rocks Festival, we would like to have November 19th declared, “Miami Goes Green Day”; a day on which all Miami residents, dedicate themselves to helping better the environment.  It will be a day to get back in touch with the environment that sustains and enriches the lives of everyone who lives, works, visits and plays in the Miami.
This year’s Festival will feature a full day of family-oriented, environmentally-friendly activities including a farmers’ market, yoga demonstrations, bike valet, skateboard and BMX exhibitions, ecology and social consciousness workshops, and more. A star-filled tribute to 50 years of Wailers music and the music icon Bob Marley will be highlighted throughout the day.  Headliners include Bunny Wailer, Wailing Souls, Luciano, Tabou Combo, Cultura Profetica, Gondwana, Warrior King, Pato Banton, Connis Vanterpool and The Original Wailers, as well as some of the most promising up-and-coming talent.  

“We’ve made entry to the event free for everyone who arrives before 2 p.m.,” said Brooks.  “This will allow the entire community to be a part of our vision for social consciousness, community and environmental awareness on a musical platform with an urgent humanitarian effort to fight poverty and feed the hungry while providing ecologically engineered economic transformation on a global scale.”
This year, concert proceeds will include a food drive benefiting Curley’s House (www.curleyshouseinc.com) an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for low-to-moderate income individuals, families, the elderly, youth-at-risk, the abused, and HIV/AIDS infected individuals by providing the nutrition they need. Guests will be asked to contribute two or more cans of food as part of the cost of admission.
D’Niscio Brooks said:”our marketing teams and long-standing partners create programs to educate and engage audiences about various environmental topics, which raise awareness and provide opportunities for our people to take action through volunteerism. We desire to be the platform that showcases a focus on environmental sustainability with our key issues – water, energy, recycling and packaging. November 19, 2011 will be a day on which all Florida residents dedicate themselves to helping better the environment.  It will be a day to get back in touch with the environment that sustains and enriches the lives of everyone who lives, works, visits and plays in the South Florida. Together, we can make a difference. It’s Our Earth. Our Responsibility.”
The Bayside Rocks Music & Arts Festival is scheduled for Saturday November 19, 2011 at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami.