Addendum to Pre-shock

Ring the alarm, another lie is coming
When I was writing the last piece over the weekend, I felt that there was something wrong with the $700B crash programme plan put forward by the Bush white House. Why? I couldn’t tell but I felt that anything emanating out of this particular administration must be treated with the utmost of suspicion.

And it appears, I’m right. This plan it appears, is the financial version of what Bush did before invading Iraq. Send an almost unreadable, hurry-up bill to Congress, urging them to transfer massive powers and authority, without oversight, without review, with immunity, to the white House simply on their say so.

Back in 2003, almost every democrat signed on except for Barack Obama and many were later left to regret it. Giving George Bush an unchecked, unlimited credit card to power is a fatal and costly mistake. This is what secretary Paulson is once again facing Congress with.

What is likely therefore, is that this crash programme is going to give vast profits to the mega-rapacists (rapacious capitalists), it won’t fix the problem, and the taxpayers footing the bill will not be better advanced. We are going to be watching our collective money fly out the window with no returns to us. it is not government’s money, it is not George Bush’s money… it is our money. And we are gong to get nothing in return. In fact, our children will have an additional debt to pay.

This plan wasn’t hatched in the white House for sure. It was concocted by some of Bush’s cronies who are not responsible to the voters of America, but from whom George Bush takes his orders.

Somewhere in this plan is a trap for Barack Obama and the democrats. Go along and be complicit in a moral and financial crime, argue against and you are un-American.

The democrats still don’t understand that they cannot trust the Bush administration. How many times can someone punch you in the face before you figure out it is abuse, not love?

McCain is already questioning it as is Obama. But Obama had better get out in front and say it clear. The $700B bailout is not good… start understanding this so when Obama (if he does) opposes it, you will know why.

But let me ring the alarm, cause another lie is coming. Nothing is what it seems. Even what I’m telling you now***

PS: I do want readers’ responses, and not just those in agreement. If you have an opposing position step up and say it. Dialogue is good for improvement, good for advancing ideas, good for knowledge.