Africa Activist Pushes Congo in Black World Report Forums, December 10th, 2013

The World African Diaspora Union (WADU) is inviting you to participate in the African World Report forums with Congo activist Maurice Carney, in major cities across the United States, starting on Human Rights Day on December 10, 2013. Maurice is a co-founder and Executive Director of the Friends of the Congo and for years has fought for human rights and self-determination for the people of the Congo (DR). These forums are organized as the Congo/Zaire suffers from t he effects of decades of genocidal wars for its mineral resources and is now at the center of the corporate scramble for African resources. Across Africa, “humanitarian” wars are been manufactured with NATO and Africom, to re-enslave Africa.
The Congo has been ravaged by military forces backed by western Anglo-American corporations since the assassination of Patrice Lumumba over 50 years ago. Like the late President Khadafy of Libya, Lumumba was killed after he made plans with other Pan African leaders to ensure the Congo River and resources were used to “Power Africa” as Africa emerged from colonialism. Similarly, Khadafy was  killed after announcing his plan to allocate $97 billion dollars to consolidate the AU as a ‘united states of Africa’ world power. Additionally, just before the sacking of Libya, Khadafy had rejected the EU encroachment to annex northern Africa to become part of Europe. While the EU and USA are blocking Africa’s advancement, they are fully engaged in a “smart” conquest of Eastern Europe, Africa and other parts of the w orld to revive its global domination. The war for African resources that has led to the recent sacking of the Pan African leadership in the Ivory Coast and Libya are aggressive statements to the world of their determination in dominating Africa. According to former President Thabo Mbeki, Zimbabwe and President Robert Mugabe remains a major target to destabilize southern Africa. Further, the French government announced its intention to target Pan Africanists while committing troops in Mali.
In 2003, the African Union (AU) called for the African Diaspora to organize itself as the 6th region of Africa to help Africa. However, with the assassination of Khadafy, its largest donor, the AU like many African nations are becoming dangerously dependent on foreign banks, governments and other global arrangements for assistance. Clearly, without a self-determined Africa under a ‘united states of Africa’ government, Africa and African people are quickly becoming abused across the world as pawns and the “wretched” of its former masters. Therefore, WADU is urging all people of good will to continue the work for Africa’s liberation to halt Africa’s downward spiral into re-colonization. Zimbabweans are especially appealing to the American people to send a clear message to the U.S. government to stop the boycott of Zimbabwe. Finally, Pan Africanists worldwide are strongly urging African leaders to establish an immediate 5 year emergency plan for a Pan African government to advance Africa and to maintain the credibility of the AU, as a Pan African body serving the interests of African people.
Starting December 10, 2013, African people are encouraged to organize actions and to participate in the WADU forums in Washington, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia. Similar actions will continue in January through African Liberation Month in May 2014 to counter the dire situation in Africa. This December actions will culminate with an African World Report at the Ethiopian Bole Restaurant in East Point, Georgia, on Sunday, December 15, 2013/3:00 p.m. (1650 Virginia Ave, 30337). Our efforts are to strengthen the ties of Black people with our Homeland, Africa, for an economic, cultural and political union and renaissance. For more information, please conta ct Mr. Kofi at 678-614-9058 or go to