Africa Relief Benefit Concert, September 17, 2011

WHEN: Saturday, September 17, 2011

8771 Pico Blvd.

29000 Somali kids have died in last 90 days

Drought crisis in Somalia

Deepening Crisis in Somalia

Somalia crisis one of ‘largest in decades’

“These are but a few of the achingly and profoundly sad headlines that we see on television and in newspapers on a daily basis. However, while we may not be able to actually provide a viable alternative to counteract the death and starvation taking place in Somalia, I thought perhaps we can use the proven tactic of putting together a concert to raise some degree of awareness and some money for the most effective charities at work in the region.” This is the focus of Junor Francis, organizer and host of this community-uniting event.

Junor Francis is a proud son of Jamaica and tireless promoter of that nation’s greatest export – reggae music – via his weekly broadcast, “The Reggae Show” on KXLU 88.9FM and “For this very grand occasion, we requested a Saturday night at the Joint, one of our town’s best reggae clubs, located at 8771 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, and they responded in the affirmative, and for that we thank them abundantly.”

Performing that night are six well known ska, rock steady and reggae bands plus as DJ the host of KPFK’s long-running reggae show, “Reggae Central,” Chuck Foster.Roots Collective

LaDee Dred & The World Beat Reggae Band
Arise Roots
Ottly Mercer
DA Rebel Lionz
Sure Shot Rockers

We would like to offer the bands ($150.00) each to defray their transportation cost. After we clear all our expenses, we would gladly donate the remainder of the money to a charity organization that is doing work in Somalia. Needless to say it is a well known fact that many of the organizations doing charity work are notorious for not delivering on their promises, we will do our uttermost best to choose the most outstanding of the lot. (A list of our preferred charities can be found below.)

So, the plan is unfolding. The stage is nearly set. With the friendly, rocking neighborhood Joint as the location, six of our best local bands as the entertainment, assembled to ease the tribulations of Somali people in East Africa, all that’s needed to make our good cause a great success is your presence. From a true Jamaican heart, one always ready to help those worse off than us, those in need, from a heart looking to find joy amidst suffering, we extend a cordial invitation to The Africa Relief Benefit Concert.

The following are four select charities whose records and effectiveness are exemplary. They’re the one’s we’ll support and we urge one and all to do the same.

Doctors without Borders

In Dadaab, Kenya, Doctors without Borders says it is treating more than 2,400 children in its ambulatory therapeutic feeding program and 130 children in its inpatient therapeutic feeding center. An additional 5,047 children with moderate acute malnutrition are enrolled in a supplementary feeding program. There are now around 10,000 people in the organization’s feeding program in the Dadaab camp.

The World Food Programme

The World Food Programme says it is reaching 1.5 million people in Somalia now, and is scaling up to reach 2.2 million more in the previously inaccessible south of the country. It says airlifts to Mogadishu will start within a few days to bring in special nutritious foods for malnourished children.

Oxfam International

Oxfam said it is responding to the crisis by providing water, sanitation services, food and cash. The aim is to reach at least 3 million people, including 700,000 in Ethiopia, 1.3 million in Kenya, and 500,000 in Somalia.

Edesia Global Nutrition Solutions

Executive Director Navyn Salem says, “You can very simply save a child’s life or change the course of a family’s life. It makes everything seem worthwhile and absolutely possible.” The organization has a special focus on the crisis in Somalia and is using Plumpy’nut® to “make a lasting impact and save lives.”