ahm…ne-yo gym membership buck yu hear? Lazy Love video

ll when me busy busy busy me cuddn mek di pass

so neyo drop new video tiddeh

why won’t you all let ne-yo be great?

no matter how much ooman him almost touch inna him video de unnu insist on spreadin rumour seh di man is a homosesuelle

so him come now fi prove di whole a unnu wrong

all leff a fi him crawl up inna di ooman hoo ha and act out him birth in reverse

seeit deh now

a dead lift  and bench press him a do wid di gyal

jus to prove that those pictures that pop up every year and that one interview wid his supposed boyfriend *side eye on humanity, * is a lie


ne-yo stop nyam carbs bout two years now and start liquify protein and drink it instead  a water

man body a bawl out

me mean like market ooman who just get her chain pop off bawl out

now…i have personally never been attracted to ne-yo…but…a me one see when di man jus liff up di girl

me mean like….lif har up i line wid him chest…and di gyal nuh likkle

PS…dis ooman is di kinda jezebel weh man dream bout. every time yu try leff di yard she dose yu agen. who a complain?



gallang yah

yu can write song and sing good and now u can pop off shirt fully and stop unbutton di three top button like yu a cuban or italian grand father

and dont think we nuh see di 2 mins solo weh di director gi yu abs fi no reason whatsoever

as fi di song…it will make it unto many panty dropper mixes and the female lead will star in many wet dreams

aside from that…its pretty much typical ne-yo…kinda laid back…kinda sexy…chorus that people like. yu know… solid, maybe a little predictable, but always relate-able, which is where i find he excels.

PS…the beat…well sexy. kinda prince-ish.