Unparalled Service And Excillent Rewards Make It A Great Time To Fly Air Jamaica

Now is a great time to fly Air Jamaica and here are some of the reasons why – great service, great deals and great rewards.

Experience great service firsthand on Air Jamaica with its legendary Lovebird Hospitality, which makes you feel at home from the moment you board to the time you arrive at your destination.

At a time when airlines are reducing their offerings, Air Jamaica continues to provide passengers with complimentary meals and snacks, complimentary champagne, two free pieces of checked baggage and in-flight entertainment at no additional cost.

Air Jamaica boasts a winning record of service to the region and has been voted “Best Airline to the Caribbean” for ten consecutive years.  So for that well earned vacation, it’s a great time to experience the Caribbean on an airline that serves 18 destinations and has set itself apart with its champagne service.

There is more to get excited about even during these challenging economic times, as Air Jamaica extends exceptional deals to its passengers. Check out the airline’s travel deals online at www.airjamaica.com and book early to take advantage of additional savings.  When you enjoy savings on fares now, you have more funds available for your vacation.

The airline’s great rewards program is another reason it’s a great time to fly.  Loyal customers have reason to celebrate as the miles never expire.  Air Jamaica’s 7th Heaven frequent flyer program is an attractive offer which gives the most dedicated customers diverse ways to accrue and redeem rewards miles.

Air Jamaica has maintained great relationships with the community and supported numerous charitable initiatives. The airline has championed a number of philanthropic causes and seeks to sustain its Lovebird Kids’ Club, which works to enhance the quality of life for children living in the Caribbean (and in Caribbean communities within the United States) by providing increased educational opportunities and improved learning facilities.

Air Jamaica’s President and CEO Bruce Nobles agrees it is a great time to fly Air Jamaica and is happy to be leading the airline as it enters an exciting period in its history. “We pride ourselves on providing great service, coupled with our great deals and the great expectations of things to come.  All of this makes Air Jamaica the airline of choice for visitors to the Caribbean.” Nobles said.

The Jamaican Government expects to complete privatization of the airline by March 2009.  By this time, it hopes to transfer majority ownership and management control over to the private sector.  Minister without Portfolio in Jamaica’s Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Senator the Hon. Don Wehby who has responsibility for the divestment admits that though times are tough in aviation, he remains optimistic about the airline’s future.

“Air Jamaica is seeking a major international airline partner, which can deliver operational efficiencies and expand alliances so that Air Jamaica becomes a viable option for travelers worldwide, beyond the 18 gateways it currently serves. We see divestment as an important opportunity for Air Jamaica to thrive, as it will bring the capital and the expertise needed to beat the challenges,” Senator Webhy noted.

He believes that at the end of the privatization process one thing is certain: “Visitors will have superior access to convenient air travel and the continuation of exemplary service on Air Jamaica.”

For further information or reservations, call Air Jamaica at 1-800-523-5585 or visit the website at www.airjamaica.com.