Following the Money


If you want to find out what’s really going on in politics, it’s a good idea to follow the money. Take Trump’s speech last night. It left the pundits shaking their heads. Why was this vehement, long-time critic of the war in Afghanistan suddenly changing his tune? Why was he now preaching patriotism and promising victory?

I think it’s the money.

When he was yelling at President Obama to get out, calling the war a dumb waste of “blood and treasure,” I bet Trump didn’t know about Afghanistan’s deposits of precious metals, rare-earth minerals and fossil fuels. But a recent study probably opened his eyes.

There’s at least $3 trillion to be dug out of the Afghan terrain, the study indicates.  Afghanistan has vast deposits of gold, silver, platinum, iron, uranium, zinc, tantalum, bauxite, copper, lithium, coal and natural gas.

I imagine Trump’s private-sector pals would like to get their paws on these resources, but the Taliban is standing in their way. So it’s going to be up to Trump – and thousands of patriotic young Americans – to get rid of the Taliban.

The war has already cost the US $700 billion and 2,000 lives – with 20,000 American military personnel wounded. Now, it seems thousands more will be put in harm’s way to enrich Trump’s buddies – and a few corrupt Afghan government officials.

Trump didn’t mention any of this last night. Neither did the pundits I heard commenting on his speech. But what else could have made him pivot so completely?

Trump’s speech

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