“Am I beautiful?”

Photo credit: Omid Armin

Like a pink blossom of the Jamaican cherry

Or the heartbeat of a soul young and old,

“I am, a magnificent blooming cherry!”

Am I beautiful?

A meditative self-thought—as I sit quietly

when the tide overflows, tells me, where I am at,

that is my destiny; not so great, wonderful,

 like I was unworthy,

my thoughts reminds me even if you don’t see my worth,

“I am beautiful just like the spectacular Jennie!”

Am I beautiful?

Today, tomorrow when I take off the mask, the make up

The facials, the false image I create to have you near me,

Carrying the weight of your beliefs—your philosophy,

would you still see me, like the great Queens, Rita, Marcia,,

Judy, and the classy lady Jenni?

“Would you see my worth—my beauty, to even want to marry me?”

still, my thoughts whisper even if you don’t like me

as long as I like me

“I am worthy—beautiful just like the spectacular lady Jennie!”

Empress Journee