House Passes Strata Amendment Act

The Registration (Strata Titles) Amendment Act was passed in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (Oct. 27) with 26 amendments.

The Lower House had suspended the conclusion of debate on the Bill on Tuesday (Oct. 20), during the Committee stage of the proceedings, after issues arose on the provisions of Section 7, which deals with the procedure to be followed when a proprietor fails, neglects or refuses to pay contributions to the Strata Corporation.

During committee stage on Tuesday (Oct. 27) the Act was further amended and a new Section 20 was added, providing for the Act to be reviewed every three years.

Member of Parliament for St. Andrew East Central, Dr. Peter Phillips, who proposed the amendment, stated that this will allow members of the Lower House to see how the provisions of the Act will work in practice.

“At least we would be certain that in the event of making all these adjustments, we may be able to find away in the not too distant future of having it reviewed by the Parliament,” Dr. Phillips said.

The Bill, which was piloted by Prime Minister, Hon. Bruce Golding amends the Registration Strata Titles Act to, among other things, establish a commission of strata corporations and to specify the duties of that commission.

It also creates an implied covenant between a proprietor and a corporation that the proprietor or his heirs, will pay any outstanding charges owed to the corporation prior to a transfer. There are some 2,345 registered strata properties in Jamaica.