Is Mind Control Working?


The Third World was supposed to learn from the developed nations. Patronizingly called “the White Man’s Burden,” it was considered the duty of “civilized” countries to show “primitive” cultures the path to fairness and decency, and all the other virtues credited with creation of advanced civilizations.

But the times have changed. And the tables have turned.

Advanced countries are learning from the Third World – the worst of the Third World. And what they’re learning is disastrous.

Here in America, politicians are indulging in the kind of unsavory behavior often blamed for blocking economic and cultural advancement in the Third World. State initiated propaganda is one of the obvious manifestations of this trend.

Primitive attempts at mind control are becoming increasingly obvious. The crusade to discredit the Mueller investigation, fpr example.

As the net closes around Trump and his corrupt inner circle, state controlled media are building a case for the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Spearheaded by Fox News, the right-wing media machine is churning out the kind of raw propaganda that would shame the most primitive culture.

The “spin” is dizzying. The fabricated accusations are mind bending .

You might think anyone can see what’s going on. But I fear the public mind may prove more susceptible than you and I imagine

Soon, the ax will fall. Trump will fire Mueller. And that will be the test.

Will America reject the assault on our values? Will we the people prove worthy of the bold experiment the Founding Fathers made in our name?

Or will we docilely descend into the quagmire of that mostly mythical “Third World,” where primitive populations so drastically need to learn the virtues that advanced cultures have for so long claimed to possess?

The anti-Mueller crusade