An Encouraging Sign – But…



Yesterday’s elections gave the Democrats cause for hope – but not for complacency. Results, especially in Virginia, were even better than the pundits predicted, and it looks as if a Blue Wave is building for 2018.

But Democrats should beware. If they get too comfortable – as they have so many times in the past – they could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Last night’s good news should be a call to party  leaders to work even harder, not sit back and pat themselves on the back. They’ve got to get the rank and file fired up, as they were for Barack Obama. And keep them fired up, too.

Democratic voters are known for their lethargy. As soon as they see a glimmer of hope, they tune out instead of turning out.

And voter apathy is not the only danger.

The Democrats seem to be bent on self destruction.  Party bigwigs are snarling and sniping at each other, washing and rewashing last year’s dirty linen in public.

Donna Brazile’s book is one example of the self-serving disloyalty afflicting the party. Elizabeth Warren’s recent comments are another.

Both were favorites of mine. Now, I wonder about them.

This is not the time for Democratic self flagellation. This is the time to take advantage of an opportunity that might not come again for generations.

Trump has brought the Republicans to their knees. By standing with him, they are falling like dominoes.

America will not put up with the degeneracy that has come with Trump. Last night’s election results made that obvious. But voters need an acceptable alternative.

And the Democrats seem to be doing their best to deny the voters that choice.

So let’s end the bickering over the 2016 elections and make the best of the future, Democrats. Offer America a new and better deal instead of brooding over the past.

The country needs inspiration, not recriminations, a bright star of hope, not the dark night of despair.

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