A Name That’s On Everyone’s Lips… Delus!

It is 9:00 am on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 and Delus, still tired from the previous night’s work in the studio, preps with his PR team for a few more post tour interviews.  Studio life is something that is second nature to the DJ, “most of my time is spent in the studio.  Whether I am voicing a song, recording drops or dubs, that’s where I am day and night.”  Delus recognizes the hard work he must put in to reap the rewards and he does so graciously.  “I am grateful.  There are people out there that have the talent but not the resources to pursue their dreams.  So I can’t complain – ever.”

With a nod and a smile, Delus indicates that he is ready for the day’s tasks.  Very vocal about the direction of his career, Delus goes over songs that will be released on iTunes in the coming weeks.  He reviews the album cover for his EP entitled “My Reality.”  “I like the concept, let’s not make the background so dark.  This graphic designer is mad [JA slang for good], I love his work – he gets it.”  With regard to “Another Gal,” I have to do all those drops today.”  Delus is referring to the lengthy list of DJs that has flooded his management’s mailbox requesting drops for his latest offering.  In a barely audible voice, the singjay says, “I feel it in my gut, I think Another Gal is the song.  The reception from fans, DJs, radio and fellow artists is crazy.”

Quickly becoming one of the summer’s beguiling dancehall tunes, “Another Gal” speaks of the too often relationship woes that both men and women face.  In the opening verse Delus tells the story of a man who uses his friend’s phone to make a call and discovers his girlfriend’s number under the name “baby.”  The intro peaks the interest of the listener, who, after a few seconds, is now poised to hear how the dilemma builds up and unfolds.  The single is great because while Delus tells the listener what he would do, the story leaves the listener debating what they would do in the situation. . .which is what makes this song a must listen.  “Another Gal,” produced by Cash Flow Records, is on the Pleasure Riddim, which also features songs by Konshens, Gyptian, Cecile, Chris Martin, Denyque and Darrio.

During his media rounds, Delus appeared on Hype TV on Thursday, July 15, 2010.  During that interview, viewers got a sneak peek of the medley video for “Another Gal.”  “I can’t wait for the video to be released.”  But until then the media blitz continues.  Delus will be featured in the July 23rd publication of the Western Mirror.  On July 26, 2010, he will be interviewed by the Jamaica Observer.  Said interview will be published later that week.  Lastly, Delus will host Hype TV’s VTX Video Countdown which will be aired on Friday, July 23rd at 9:30 pm (JA time).  In August, Delus will travel to Japan, with his brother Konshens, for a 2 week tour.

It is now 11:00am and with all the business out of the way, Delus remarks “I am off to. . .  and his PR team finishes his sentence. . . the studio.”