Angela Latti Releases Self-Titled Album – Reggae Debut Album Tackles Female Empowerment, Spirituality, Love, Sex and Economic Hardship

Available on CD and iTunes today, Angela Latti’s self-titled debut album reaches out to listeners from a unique triad perspective: That of a musical artist, an entrepreneur and a feminist. Angela’s 11-track album tackles important issues such as female empowerment, the complications of love, spirituality vs. religion, economic hardship… even straight up sex!  Whatever the topic, each song deals with a real-life issue. Yet, all the while, the songs have infectious beats you often can’t get out of your mind.

Angela Latti is a self-made woman who has made a comfortable place for herself in this world and uses her strength to uplift women and enlighten men through her music. In fact, the release of this album – from start to finish- was choreographed independently, released on her own Yemalla record label.

Her music mixes a number of genres and the self-penned lyrics, by all accounts, are moving! Several of her songs carry the theme of empowering women, yet many of her songs are simply fun and uplifting. Through her music, Angela aims to encourage women to have pride, confidence and ambition, but, at the same time, have a sense of humor and not take themselves too seriously.

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