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Angele Smith Is Falling To Pieces

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With a growing catalogue of high quality and infectious tunes, Angele Smith is clearly a rising star.

Rising musical star Angele Smith has teamed up with Washroom Entertainment to create one of his best songs yet. The song dubbed ‘Falling to Pieces’ was recently recorded on the Bad Suh Riddim for ace producer Conroy Forte and is currently garnering rave reviews.

Angele delivers Falling to Pieces with vocal perfection, moving out of his musical comfort zone trumpeting a cry which identifies with the common man, while at the same time revealing some of the struggles the Westmoreland native has had to face over the years.

Angele Smith is known for his smooth sexually charged lyrics but, the change in message shows that he is not a one track artiste and has numerous styles and flavours in his arsenal of lyrics. Angele says that writing the song came natural to him as the issues it address are struggles that he, and friends of his, have experienced.  “I grew up very poor, a nuff time mi nuh have money fi tek bus go studio or even buy food. People si mi smiling all the time an doh realise di sorta tings I have to deal with, just like most Jamaicans. But, although things tough we cyaan mek dat keep wi down, yu si mi”.

Falling to Pieces hits several heart rending notes when Angele confesses that he too has had to hide from his landlord when he says: “Landlord’s calling I pretend I’m sleeping, cause the boss say mi nah get nuh pay this evening”. The singer also uses his unique vocal sound to ask “What am I supposed to do when the rent is due and I got no food?” These lyrics show that the song is one that will definitely appeal to many Jamaicans who are suffering through the recession and are struggling to make ends meet.

Producer Conroy Forte, who is known for producing hits such as Voicemail and Busy Signal’s ‘Dance the Night Away’ and Tami Chynn and Tifa’s ‘Certified Divas’ says he is impressed with Angele’s talent and is very happy with how the song turned out: “I was blown away by Angele’s vocal range and lyrical content, he was great to record. I feel the song has a message that anybody can relate to and will stir emotions within Jamaica and many places over the world where people are suffering.”

Forte reveals that the Bad Suh Riddim on which Falling to Pieces was recorded also features instant favourites like Tami Chynn’s sexually charged ‘Nevah Know’, Natel’s ‘Make You Sweat’ and Voicemail with a ‘wifey’ anthem dubbed ‘Buss ah Whine’.  There are also appearances from perennial favourites like Busy Signal with ‘Yuh Nuh Tired and Pop Dung’, certified diva Tifa with ‘Seh Mi Gud’ and Nicky B with a party track called ‘Tik Tok’.

With a growing catalogue of high quality and infectious tunes, Angele Smith is clearly a rising star. His tremendous vocal range is allowing him to clearly make his mark on the music business; a mark that will be visible for years to come.

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