Another Mad Monarch

People close to him have been warning for years that Donald Trump is mentally ill. And I am beginning to believe that he is.

As a child he was so much trouble his parents felt obliged to send him to a military school. And his entire life has been marked by erratic behavior.

His bizarre antics were dismissed as publicity stunts or theatrical trickery designed to outwit business associates. He was thought to be “crazy like a fox.”

But now, as president of the United States, Trump is running amok, lashing out at random targets like a latter-day Queen of Hearts.

Across America, protests are raging as various segments of society react to the new president’s impulsive attacks. And around the world, anger is flaring at his  arrogant and imprudent pronouncements.

I had thought Trump would turn out to be nothing more than a con man, bent on personal profit. But he seems to be something much worse – a raging egomaniac with self destructive impulses.

Is he a danger to himself and others? It certainly seems so.

China is warning of war with the US, for example. And that’s a threat to be taken seriously. I doubt that civilization would survive such a conflict.

As I recoil in horror at each new atrocity, I wonder what can be done to avert Armageddon.

And I am reminded of that mad monarch, George III of England, and the colonists who finally said, “Enough!”

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