Antigua’s Reggae Ambassador Causion Launches Fundraiser for Musicians and Artists for Men’s Health Awareness Month

Antigua’s Reggae Ambassador, Causion, is celebrating 2 years of Cancer Survival with a concert marking his musical rebirth. With the support of friends from New York, New Jersey, and South Florida, they gather to spread the word about living your best life by making better health choices AND OF COURSE GREAT MUSIC!
Antigua's Reggae Ambassador Causion Launches Fundraiser for Musicians and Artists for Men's Health Awareness Month
It has been two years since Causion has performed on stage after receiving lifesaving emergency surgery from discovering he had stage 3 colon cancer. Since he last toured with Jamaica’s Reggae Ambassadors, Third World, the musician is excited about returning to the stage on Saturday, November 20th at 7pm.

Some of the Friends also performing included:

Red Fox – The dancehall artist and long-time friend of Causion did not hesitate to contribute when asked to lend his voice and talents to the show: New Music-The Game released November 7th 

Ed Robinson – South Florida Reggae balladist best known for his 2013 make-over of the Dylan classic “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”: 

Mical Rustle – (The artist with the silky voice has been on the music scene in Florida for over 15 years: 

Simone-G – Known as the Songbird, Simone has an impressive resume having performed backup for The Legendary Wailers, Third Word, Causion, Ed Robinson, marcia Griffiths and Glen Washington to name a few. Simone now performs with a lively ensemble called Reggae Rock with Simone G:   

The event will serve as a fundraiser for musicians and artists experiencing financial hardship due to medical expenses. Causion is taking the opportunity to spotlight new acts to bring new music to his fans.

WHO: Antigua’s Reggae Ambassador, Causion

WHAT: Fundraiser and Concert – An Evening with Causion and Friends

WHEN: Saturday, November 20th, Doors Open 7pm

WHERE: The Garden 4340 North State Road 7 (441) Lauderdale Lakes

WHY: Using music as a celebration of life before, during and after cancer. The Music Mission Now is dedicated to spreading awareness during Men’s Health Awareness Month. For more information and to purchase tickets visit: