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Appeal to the Community — Teen Burn Victim Sheneil Walcott

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New York, NY February 8th, 2008- The Leaf of Life Fund, a New York based children’s advocacy organization has assisted over 200 critically ill children throughout the Caribbean since its inception in 1992.

Just over a year ago, Founder, Jennifer Chalmers, supported by Irwine Clare, Managing Director of Caribbean Immigrant Services, Inc, started the rebirth process of yet another case. Here is the story of teen burn victim Sheneil Walcott. Sheneil, a soft spoken, spirited teen, who graduated from Ascot High School, St. Catharine, Jamaica was savagely attacked and doused with acid by an enraged 47 year old woman unknown to her. She was left with second and third degree burns to her face, arms and torso. Through hard work and dedication, Jennifer and her team were able to secure Nassau University Medical Center’s Burn Unit at a charity rate for Sheneil’s reconstructive surgery. As per Dr. Reina, Chief Plastic Surgeon-Burn Unit, Sheniel will need at least 2 additional years of reconstructive surgeries. Some of the surgeries planned are reconstruction of new ear lobes, eye lids, lips and skin graphs to her breast, shoulder and arms. To date, these costs have exceeded over $300,000, of which 95% was donated by the hospital and their staff, however another 5% is needed to cover additional medical fees. Dr. Reina and his staff have taken on the responsibility of giving Sheneil a new start at life.

Sheneil’s financial upkeep is borne by the efforts of Jennifer and her group, fundraising, donations and gifts. The wider community has been helpful; however your assistance is still needed.
Sustaining this stage in Sheneil’s journey requires additional funds; we appeal today to companies, organizations and individuals to make valuable contributions to The Leaf of Life Fund and get involved by joining us as we restore the essence of Sheneil Walcott’s life.

All donations to The Leaf of Life Fund are considered tax-deductible by the IRS.
Checks should be made payable to Leaf of Life C/O Sheniel Walcott.

ABOUT Leaf of Life
Leaf of Life Fund for Critically Ill Children (Leaf of Life) launched in 1992 as a not-for-profit 501(c)-3 organization that provides assistance to critically ill children throughout the Caribbean. It was created out of the continued request for medical assistance made to the Jamaican Consulate in New York City. Endorsed by the Consulate of Jamaica, a group of concerned individuals formed this organization, and volunteered their time and services in response to these and other requests originating in the Caribbean.
Leaf of Life ensures the children gain access to appropriate medical and support services who lack the means to obtain vitally needed treatment specifically, highly specialized medical assistance in the country of origin. Leaf of Life also provides follow-up services, which promote and support the children’s continued progress.

Sabree Special Events is the official Event Planning and Marketing Company for Leaf of Life. Please contact Reeshemah Brightley 917-721-3648 or Kelly Lee 347-463-3352 for your support and contributions. www.sabreespecialevents.com

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