Are You Nurturing Your Success Intelligence?

I am sure that as you surf the web you have seen the IQ banner ads.  Yes those ads that declare the IQ of Oprah or some other celebrity and invite you to find out what your IQ is.


Whenever most are asked to endorse a candidate for a position, the first words of affirmation is usually how smart she is.  The image of Einstein as the icon of success is embedded in our psyche, but is brain power the true measure of success?

If brain power is the true measure of success, why are we not championing the accomplishments of  Bernie Madoff?


Our singular acknowledgment to rationality downplay the importance of social (emotional) intelligence.  Social intelligence is very vital to:

Communicate properly

Enhance a sense of self

Develop relationships

Fulfill social obligations

Exchange ideas

Influence others

Just think about this for a moment.  What is the one gift needed that allows us to explore, identify, understand, learn, apply and model?  It is the gift of listening.


I had the privilege to discuss these concepts with a pioneering Jamaica, Marva Shand-McIntosh . She is a nationally certified Speech Language pathologist who is doing some incredible work of identifying issues early in the school system and providing therapeutic intervention.



She has developed “I love to listen ” day, which is every May 16. 

This is a day where each of us is given the opportunity to give some special focus to our listening habits, and thus enhance our success profile. Marva launched this initiative in 2006 in 16 US states, and 16 countries.

  In 2009, this day will be celebrated in all 50 states, and in 50 countries!

She shared some of her keen insights in a recorded interview that we have captured for your listening.

Click to listen Marva’s insights

How you will go to her website and check out the resources.

She offers a free listening coupon that you can share with a family member or a friend, while you further develop your success intelligence.

Marva’s website


“A call to listen is a call to action”.

Marva Shand-Mcintosh