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Arnett Fans Enjoying Resurgence

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Fans of former Premier League champions Arnett Gardens are grinning their teeth of late thanks to a huge resurgence in Digicel Premier League. After watching their beloved team avoid relegation last year by the scruff of their necks, it looked as if there would be no rest for the weary as they got off to one of the worst starts in the history of the league for any team.

All that has changed now as the boys from Jungle have now garnered ten points on the trot after rallying form losing their first four games.

“Mi love how mi side a gwaan,” says Clive, a life-long supporter of the club. “Even though a Portmore mi come from, Arnett a di real ting. From Fabulous (new player/coach Fabian Davis take over everything change.”

That indeed seems to be the consensus as Tony, another supporter, agrees “Ever since dem change the coach to Davis the ball game different. Is like the players dem a gel together more, like a family you know. The untiy just deh deh”

It is a sentiment that the Arnett Gardens Captain and long time custodian, Julian Mcleash, shares: “I think you just have to get changes. When you get them, work with them and enjoy them.  We are enjoying ourselves in training now and working as a family and I think that is what is bringing the results.”

As the team continues on their newfound path to what they hope will be yet another Digicel Premier League title, one thing they can count on is that once they continue to play this way, they shouldn’t have a problem with fan support.

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