In My Crystal Ball



The year 2016 is almost upon us and to me it means one of the most crucial election campaigns in America’s history is entering the home stretch.

So much is at stake. This election could set America on the path to social and economic justice – or on a slippery slope toward a feudal state.

So little is clearly understood by an uninformed and misinformed electorate.

So much can – and will – happen between now and November.

As I search for signs of the future, I am left wondering what if…

What if terrorism is defeated – well, not defeated, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon – but subdued? After all, China and Russia are getting serious about taking on the terrorists, and as dictatorships, they can be a lot more decisive than any democracy, however powerful.

But that kind of victory would come under the heading of “Be Careful What You Wish for.” The Chinese and Russian despots aren’t in it for our good but for their own. And they are not encumbered by compassion or a moral imperative. At the core of their political philosophy is the persistent belief that the end justifies the means.

Anyway, it’s possible that by November, ISIS and their ilk will be gone from the headlines.

What would the hawks do then? Who would those Republican firebrands have to wage war against?

Yes, Hillary of course. But who besides Hillary?

Russia? China? Iran?

If the “Muslim Threat” fades, who will the far-right Evangelicals take up their cross and swords against? The Taoists? The Hindus? Yoga?

Who will be their bogeyman du jour?

For they will have a bogeyman, of that you can be sure. Fear and hate are the sales tools of their faith – ironically peddled under the banner of the God of Love.

Meanwhile, on the home front, what assaults are being conceived against our hard-won freedoms? What attacks are in store for women’s rights? What crusade is being whipped up against “illegal immigrants”? What devious schemes are being devised to curb minority voting rights? What “dirty tricks” are being cooked up by political mercenaries and public relations pros?

What alliances are being devised in those smoke-filled rooms? What traps are being concocted by those perverted minds?

Impossible to imagine.

But of this I am convinced, whatever this election campaign has in store, it’s going to surprise us.