Artistes Weigh In On Jamaican Elections At Christmas Encourages Peace!

A number of Jamaican artistes have been; like all Jamaicans home and abroad, watching the two main political parties beef up its campaign in hope of forming the next elected Government of Jamaica on December 29, 2011.  The campaigns for the elections which are constitutionally due is expected to heighten in the middle of the most anticipated holiday season of the year in Jamaica, CHRISTMAS!  The local entertainment industry is in a mode of un-certainty as any major political violence will bring to a halt, the events and activities held throughout the season.  Supreme Promotions, promoters of the annual, Reggae/Dancehall event, ‘STING’ dubbed the greatest show on earth is, on the other hand, optimistic.  They are moving ahead with their promotional campaign for the event.  The success of this major show could very well confirm that violent elections are a thing of the past in Jamaica.

But how does the artistes feel about the elections being held at a time that is most favourable to their own livelihood and what message would they like to get across to the Jamaica people?  A number of artistes have weighed in on the elections, it’s effect and encourages peace.

Fantan Mojah – “From me born I never see a election call ina a festive season.  The people dem entitle to dem holiday.  But what me have to say to me fellow Jamaicans is equal rights and justice all.  Every man to him own decision.”

Macka Diamond – “I honestly think it had a damp on our Christmas holiday and certain shows and slow up we holidays.  But my message to fellow Jamaicans is just keep the peace make this a safe elections.”

Flex – “I don’t like it (elections at Christmas) because it’s been hard from the year start and now them call elections makes it even harder on me.  My advice however to my fellow Jamaicans is however is to keep it calm and have a peaceful election.”

Flirtagious – “Inconsiderate, children looks forward to this time.  I know it has to happen but not at Christmas.  However I say to my Jamaican people who are out there we can do this peacefully and for those who are campaigning with the parties please remember this time was meant to remember the almighty.”

Bramma – “Our music always suffer the loss but the artistes and the industry itself are resilient so will make it.  As to my fellow Jamaicans let peace reign because after this we all have to live among each other.”

Iprosperous – “Well me believe the timing is off but we have to work with it.  So Jamaican people let peace reign we are all one people.”