Arts festival in Kala Ghoda – Mumbai Styleeee

So my favorite French Mom and fellow blogger  Helene Lecuyer  (See her blog here – it’s very good! ) has decided that I live too far away from all the action in Mumbai and has made it her mission to bring Mumbai culture into my life. I am truly grateful for this as she is very knowledgeable about the best spots to eat (very important to me), the cutest shops to get unique items, the best museums / historical spots and all the artsy events happening around town.

Last Friday February 8th, she invited me to the Kala Ghoda Arts festival  – it’s a street festival which happens every year and highlights local artists in categories of children, dance, music, theatre, food, literature, heritage walks, street, Visual arts and they have workshops. The thing is she woke up not feeling well and so of course I told her we should cancel… trooper that she is, she refused because of course that would seriously derail her efforts to lift the fog of ignorance from me. So she shows up in 4 inch heels, looking like a million bucks, does her thing all day without a waver in her step and gracefully makes her exit at days end… How can you not love a friend like that?

Helene and I

I won’t be doing much talking for this blog installment – instead I’ll  let the pictures do the talking… Here are some of the highlights…Living Exhibits Street Performers – the one on the bottom right reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire 

Can’t imagine Mumbai going back to hand pulled Rickshaws… Road fatalities anyone???
Interesting Imagery…


Until there are big changes – I hope this problem will continue to take center stage…
So colorful and rhythmic… I was absolutely in love with the young man third from left playing instruments – he just wanted to get up and dance! 🙂

Here is a short clip of a puppet show that was set up along the street and a music and dance troupe which entertained festival goers. I am sorry about the quality and my video editing skills are only elementary – try to enjoy the peek anyway! 🙂

Thanks for tagging along!

One Love, One Heart, One People…