As I conversate with u

As I conversate/with you/brother
U stood still/in your own world
Trying to convert me
can’t understand my reasoning
dialect, various hairstyle, everchanging
style, locks upon my head
Have u feeling uneasy/too politically
So u said…
Desperately/u trying to figure
Me/out/wondering my stance
As we exchange words
I stand erect/not afraid to express
That I am fed up of being describe
as another/angry feminist/ sistah
but I am for a cause/the warrior
of truths/and rights
for my beloved father/Jesus Christ
some called him/Abba/Allah, Jah, Ra,
Yahweh and Jehovah
Maybe u can’t handle the truth
cause if u/did/u would overstand
it goes way back into history
taking u back/in time/I see u brother
standing by/helplessly
while I am being victimized/name calling
by my own/as I try to hold back my tears.
My hair, whether its bald, shave,
roots on my head
should not offend u
When as I speak
someone is being
beaten/to death/while u fret
about my appearances
from a/growing tree/branching out
I am moving forward/not backwards
to my destiny
As I conversate/with you brother
What distinguishes u from me?
Is that I am a woman/follower
Of the Most High living God
Not disguising/myself/representing
Many sisters/brothers/who dare to
Speak up/be bold/taking a stance
To be different/I am a true sistah
Even if you can’t see in me
Won’t believe in me
Even if you don’t like me
I love you still my beautiful brother
as I hold you in my thoughts
to love me beautifully as I should!!

Empress M.

I move forward in love!