As War Clouds Gather


The TV pundits that I listen to seem obsessed with Trump’s tweets, the various probes into the Russian  hacking scandal, aborted release of documents that would shed light on JFK’s assassination and the  GOP’s internal bickering. They don’t seem to care that the world could end tomorrow.

I am not referring to the Second Coming, although that’s entirely possible. It’s the threat of nuclear annihilation that worries me.

Kim Jong-un could launch another missile test at any time. Or an attack on America or its allies.

That could be the spark that sets the world ablaze.

Nuclear capable warships and aircraft are massing in the South China Sea. The US and its allies are on high alert. Russia is testing its nuclear arsenal. China is flexing its military muscle.

There’s no peaceful scenario in sight today. just continuing signs of an impending conflict.

Will China see that its interests would be better served by averting a disastrous blow-up between North Korea and the US? Will China’s leaders step in before it’s too late?

Will Russia stay out of the fray?

Will America be patient?

Will Kim come to his senses?

Will Trump go off half-cocked?

Nobody seems to know. Defense Secretary James Matttis (photo above) told an audience in Thailand that the US “is not rushing to war.” He insisted the Trump administration is actively “seeking a peaceful resolution.”

At the same time, Trump was tweeting that negotiations haven’t worked and won’t work. “Only one thing will work,” he tweeted ominously.

And that :one thing” is keeping me up at night.

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