At least the French have balls…

With the important November elections just around the corner, the media is filled with practically nothing but politics.  BO-ring!

Most times I would be caught up in election fever, but this election is different, and not because the democrats (a party that I don’t belong to by the way), will apparently lose ground… though I’m not sure they will lose as much as the media predicts.

I’m bored because every time I think the American voter has bottomed-out on stupidity, they prove me wrong. The intelligent American voter is going the way of the dodo… becoming extinct because of its own stupidity.

A good % of the American votership has lost the ability to think for itself.  At one point they thought according to the party, then according to their church, but now they think according to a curious but deadly mix of party, church and corporations.  Yes, corporations.

The rise of corporations and its influence in American life has been documented.  And there is no doubt that corporations have always been a shadowy figure influencing policy and politicians.  They spent heavily in the past pouring money into both parties, though always heavily favouring the republicans.

But with greater influence came greater scrutiny and regulations to minimise the influence-peddling.  But the recent ruling by the supreme court essentially giving corporations the rights of individuals, removed financial limits and its free-spending through ‘private bodies’ not financially accountable to anyone.

An enormous amount of money is being channeled into the republican party through so-called 501C entities, which is exactly what Barack Obama warned about… foreign corporations are now in the position to influence elections.

All this would mean little if we had an intelligent voting public with the ability to see through the disguises and recognize the implications.  But the American public has long stopped being intelligent.  Perhaps, it can be argued, they never were.  If this is so, then they are at their dumbest point ever… or their most racist.

It is clear to me that many Americans distaste for Obama is racist-backed.  There it is.  I said it… for the 50th time.  Racism and stupidity… not a wonderful combination.

When I look at what the decisions are likely to be in November, I see only a wholesale endorsement of the corporate ideology, a willingness by Americans to accept the sanctity of corporations, and the belief that corporations are their friends.

We’ve had several republicans ass-kissing BP oil in the midst of the world’s greatest oil disaster, with only the most absolute ignorant not knowing that the disaster is greed-driven, adding to a healthy dose of disrespect for regulations, the environment and the people of the gulf coast.

Yet today, we hear practically nothing of what is happening to those affected by the ‘Big Leak’, and most people aren’t aware that the reparations, and clean-up are not going as the companies PR voices are shouting.

Wall St and the American financial system screwed the country and the world, but people with virtually no income at all, are worried that the rich won’t get more than their fair share of tax breaks, and at he same time, eschewing regulations.

The health industry, particularly the insurance companies (which just poured a whole heapa money into republican candidates) though raping their policyholders for years, find a forgiving mass of idiots, still willing not to regulate these recalcitrants.  And the one thing that can improve the country’s health care status… well, its ‘too socialist’ for them.

I have no idea where Americans get the idea that corporations are their BFFs.  You might want to buddy up to them friend, but in truth they want no part of you.  Corporations view consumers as nothing more than cows to be milked to death and then thrown to the slaughter.  Their relationship to us is strictly exploitative and thus adversarial.  Profit is their motive and in today’s world, your benefit is of no importance to them.  Tout them up if you wish, that’s your stupidity, but don’t make them out to be my friend.

Several tea partiers (all republicans are tea partiers) stress that they were business people and know how to run a business.  My question is, “Ok, so you were successful.  How did your workers do, and what is the aftermath of your profit-making?”.

With all the pillaging done by corporations, Americans are still eager to cast a vote against government, than against those defending corporate looting.  Not too amazing when you see the low-grade education the schools turn out today.

Let’s look at the stupid argument about the ‘rising debt’, showing how many are worried about the future.  Don’t worry about the debt your grandchild will carry if your grandchild won’t live to see adulthood because of cut-backs in healthcare, education and services.

And education is a good point.  The Obama administration is spending $3.5 billion to transform the worst 5000 schools in America.  But I guess that’s too much debt for those children in the future.  Let’s turn them out jobless and without a hope for a decent life as long as their part of the national debt is lower.  Idiots.

McDonalds will love our future kids… fat, dumb and shot up with steroids, so that their only qualification for a job is being able to recite, “Want fries with that?”.

China on the other hand, is pouring trillions into education, while America turns education into an elitist activity and falls to the bottom of developed countries.

A recent report by the University of Massachusetts stated that more jobs are created by government spending on infrastructure and education than by tax breaks.  Wow! Breaking news.  Only thing is, simple commonsense should have keyed us into that conclusion years ago.

Let me say it again, “Tax breaks do little to create jobs!”, so those fools who advocate that the rich should get richer, please applaud the oppulent flying overhead in their private jets while you are stuck in traffic on poorly maintained streets.

There are a whole slew of people who are likely to abandon Obama… for what?  For not getting to your pet hang-ups in time?  Please?  It shows that too many people in this country slept during civics classes.  The issues in this country cannot be helped by magic and even if so, Obama is no magician.  I suppose the nature of America’s mentality expects solutions like a pull-tab can.

Gays are gonna vote republican.  Good luck finding solace there my friend.  The wars not ending fast enough?  Well, I guess Sara Palin will just move on in there and create world peace in a smile.

Obama hasn’t stopped global warming, in 2 years?  Well, let’s give the drill, drill, drill, cut down all the trees crowd a chance.  They sure will solve that problem.

Take the example of Michelle Rhee who is in charge of Washington schools.  She’s very passionate about improving Washington’s and America’s education standards and is one of the leading fighters in education reform.  She is a democrat but admitted that she almost voted for McCain/Palin in ’08.  Why?  Because Obama was backed by the teachers unions (with whom she is often at bitter wars with), and because McCain talked a better education plan.  This even with Obama’s better record on education.

Yet this supposedly brilliant woman, was intent on throwing away her principles as a democrat solely because of one issue.  We can call her self-absorbed, self-interested, self-involved and even selfish.  I call her, and those like her, stupid.  That’s the democrat today, yeah, yeah.

Nobody but Americans make decisions based on the minor bad rather than the major good.

A CNN anchor recently ridiculed the French for rioting because the French don’t want their retirement age moved from 60 to 62.  But Americans criticize them for standing up for their rights, while feeling proud working 40 extra hours a week without pay, for the corporation.

Bro, the man exploiting you is not a good thing.

And dude, have you ever stopped to think why the life expectancy of most European countries is higher than the United States?

At least the French have the balls to say ‘Hell. No!”.  Where do Americans draw the line?  Oh, when the government bans ordinary citizens from carrying weapons of mass murder, in church. Hmm.

So, will there be a last minute change of heart and common sense by the American public?  Or will be ‘stupid is as stupid always was’.  I wouldn’t hold my breath much for the former.

As the French are likely to say, even while rioting, “C’est la vie”.