“At the Length Truth Will Out” – Fox Lies!

I doubt that anyone at Fox News has read Shakespeare, so the network pundits are probably not familiar with this enduring phrase, which originated with “The Merchant of Venice”:

At the length truth will out.

But they’re discovering for themselves that their constant litany of lies and misrepresentation has not gone unnoticed.

In Wisconsin, protesters chanted “Fox lies” and “Tell the truth” throughout a Fox News report (click here for the story).

And regulators thwarted the network’s plans to expand to Canada by refusing to revoke a law that bans lies and misrepresentations in news broadcasts (click here to read about it).

To tell the truth, I am not surprised.

In Jamaica, they say, “Every day bucket go to well, one day the bottom will drop out.” And that’s true about habitual liars.

Yes, a lot of people are gullible. A lot of people will tolerate misrepresentation, especially if it reinforces what they already want to believe. But “at the length,” most of them will realize that they’re being had.

A recent study showed that Fox News listeners are the most misinformed people in America. And the study wasn’t about opinions; it was about facts.

I concede that there will always be a hard-core group of Fox viewers – the same people who buy supermarket tabloids with headlines like “Space visitor gives birth to baby with cow’s head.” But the public at large is waking up. Fox is rapidly losing its credibility – and its audience.

The truth is out: Fox lies.

I expect to see bumper stickers – if they aren’t out there already – that say “Fox lies.”

I expect to see t-shirts that say “Fox lies.”

Yes, let’s shout it from the rooftops and proclaim it in the streets: