Author Of ‘The Baker’s Son’ Receives Honorary Degree From UWI

Mr. Lowell Hawthorne – President  & CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill and author of his newly published memoir “The Baker’s Son” was conferred with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of the West Indies, in the second of four commencement ceremonies held at the campus on Friday November 2nd.

Mr. Hawthorne received this prestigious designation as a result of his extraordinary representation of Jamaican culture in the United States which he has in turn used to benefit hundreds of students through scholarships.   Hawthorne presides over the 120 strong franchise restaurant chain which spans nine states offering authentic Caribbean cuisine.  The company has also made inroads into institutions serving patties to the New York City penal and school systems and can also be found in over 7,000 supermarkets and club chains across the U.S.

While in the island to accept his degree from the University, Mr. Hawthorne also launched his auto-biography at the Terra Nova Hotel.  Scores of supporters turned out to purchase auto-graphed copies of Hawthorne’s memoir which chronicles his life journey from Jamaica to the United States.  An inspirational and entertaining read, “The Baker’s Son” has achieved notable acclaim from media outlets including the Philadelphia Tribune which states “as much a business memoir as it is a spiritual memoir, the book records a profound journey”.  The Library Journal also wrote “Hawthorne’s story is compelling on many levels: it offers a peek into life in Jamaica, a classic immigrant narrative, as a testament to the strength of family.  Hawthorne is a Horatio Alger tale with a Caribbean flavor, which should find an appreciative audience among entrepreneurs and business aficionados”.  

Mr. Hawthorne and his family also paid a visit to the Oberlin High School, his alma mater to present monetary awards to top academic performers at the school, an annual tradition which the company undertakes to motivate students at the rural school to dream big dreams and aspire for greatness.  Mr. Hawthorne challenged the students to make the best use of their educational experience.  Fourteen students were presented with monetary awards in the amount of J$50,000 to the top achievers and J$22,000 to students with the highest grade average at each grade level.