Author Brian K. Hemphill Releases A Comprehensive All-artist Guide

On September 21, 2011, from 6:00-8:00pm, at Alpha Restaurant, 169 8th Ave., NYC, Brian K. Hemphill is hosting a book launch to celebrate the release of The Elements of Creative and Expressive Artistry: A Philosophy for Creating Everything Artistic. Designated an editor’s choice book selection by iUniverse, The Elements of Creative and Expressive Artistry is an all-artist guide identifying the nine sets of root elements common to all artistic fields. “Whether the artist is a writer, a visual artist, or a performer, by learning the root elements common to all arts, any artist will become more expressive in his artistry. Even designers and craft artists will be able to use this information to produce more appealing artistic work,” Hemphill stated.

Hemphill uses hundreds of relevant art examples, citations, and quotations from prominent art professionals, philosophers, scientists, past and present, to support the more than 40 chapters of the book. Throughout his warm and insightful narrative, Hemphill offers advice from authors, painters, sculptors, dancers, choreographers, actors, film directors, musicians, teachers, psychologists, scientists, philosophers, and critics writing on all forms of art, including visual arts, literary arts, dramatic arts, musical arts, dance arts, and hybrid art forms. For the advanced artist, teacher, and art critic looking to understand artistic depth and nuance, The Elements of Creative and Expressive Artistry presents 36 new elements that branch from the nine root elements to suggests additional avenues for artistic investigation and development.

Although the book is mainly written for the artist and arts professional, the non-artist who has a general love for art will also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of art. “As both a teacher and an artist, I spent five years writing this book because I wanted to help artists become more expressive in their work. As its subtitle suggests, I hope this book offers the artist and non-artist a perceptive insight into the production of everything artistic,” Hemphill said.