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Jamaica School Awareness Campaign

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Most rural areas in Jamaica have large extended communities abroad, from migration in the 1940’s onwards. We are looking to these communities to support and reconnect with their communities in Jamaica.

We are running a global awareness campaign to make people aware that schools in Jamaica especially in the rural areas need support.

Our aim is to encourage people to support educational development and the value it has in having a life changing effect on all communities.

A good education leads to better job prospects, a community better equipped to support it self and their extended communities.

We need to build and maintain our cultural and economical links to preserve our history, to give future generations a sense of belonging.

We have to be at the forefront when it comes to educating and empowering our people where the need arise, so that when they look back in history they see people they can relate to.

We aim to get greater community involvement in schools to build and support communities to collectively empower individuals to better themselves, and to raise the hopes and ambition of children all over.

Jamaica could benefit in a number of ways, more resources available to rural communities, increased tourism, improved communications, raised standard of education for all, and better equipped to compete in the global labour market.

One day someone of Jamaican descent will run for Prime Minister in England and we all have a part to play.

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